100 Great Sales Ideas (100 Great Ideas)

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Take a trip down memory lane: Share photos of old logos, websites or your very first product. Share a Pinterest board: If your customers are on Pinterest hint: if your demographic is educated, high-income females, they probably are , share a Pinterest board via Facebook or Twitter.

100 Great Copywriting Ideas: from Leading Companies Around the World

Share a comic or meme: Getting your customers to laugh with you is a great way to start building relationships. Post a video testimonial: Share a video review; or better yet, ask your social media followers to submit their own video testimonials. Recommend a colleague on LinkedIn: Encourage your connections to reach out to someone who acts as a valuable resource for your business.

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Who do you think will win? Offer a free e-book: Build your email list while generating some goodwill with your fans. Use Facebook Interest lists for content ideas: See what topics are trending and share them with your fans or use them to generate your own content.

Book Contents:

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Patrick Forsyth is a business trainer and consultant with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in sales and. Are you looking for a great idea or some inspiration to make your marketing more effective and cutting edge? This book contains great marketing ideas.

Post product recall notices: Keep your ear to the ground so you can be the first to share important safety information with your followers. Share industry research: Post a link to and synopsis of research your fans would find useful.

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This is a business you could start in a couple hours with literally zero investment. Hence, she put advertisements up on their bathroom. Details if other :. Knowing how powerful the reach of the Internet is for research, companies are very willing to outsource their research efforts to independent Internet researchers. Praise for Andy Maslen's first book on copywriting - Write to Sell. The rest of the keyboard was arranged to minimize the keys jamming in use, even though this slowed down the operation the later DVORAK keyboard is much easier to use. You could sell or repair drones, or you could provide one of an unlimited number of drone services.

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This is great for getting retweets and shares. Hold a giveaway: This can be as simple as asking your fans or followers to comment to enter. Start a conversation with an industry leader: Tag or mention an industry guru in a post just be aware you might be left hanging! Post a photo collage: A tool like PicMonkey can help you create one. Teaser content: Posting a link to a blog post? This will usually increase your clickthroughs.

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Post a creative or unexpected use for your product: Be sure to also ask your fans for ideas. Link to a blog comment: Have a particularly helpful or controversial comment on your blog? Post a link and get your fans and followers to weigh in.

Great Sales Ideas: From Leading Companies Around the World by Patrick Forsyth

Post a link to old newsletters: Recycle your newsletters and gain new subscribers at the same time. Ask your fans for content ideas: Find out which issues or problems your fans need help with. Post a link to a helpful Facebook or LinkedIn group: If you know of a helpful resource on Facebook or LinkedIn, share a link with your fans. Use these links to jump to a specific topic so you can browse the ideas most relevant to your upcoming marketing planning!

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