College Impact: Empowering Colligiate Christians for Campus Influence

Christianity on Campus–Time for Our Voice to Be Heard.
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Opportunities for spiritual growth abound on the campus of Bluefield College. Whether it is in weekly Chapel services or joining a small group, Bluefield College offers students the chance to be a part of a vibrant community of faith. Each semester, the students of Bluefield College will have the chance to travel abroad or locally on the mission field.

Mission trips are life-changing events and a great way to deepen your walk with Christ. You will be able to serve others and our Master through these mission opportunities.

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Our mission is to bring students, faculty, and staff to an encounter with Christ; then, encourage them to grow, equip them for ministry, and empower them to fulfill their life's calling. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Great Revelations, Inspired By God contains eye-opening revelations that are unique in its entirety. They have been spiritually discerned and for the most part unheard They've simply had it! Two successful professionals at different stages in their careers and from opposite sides of the We are passionately reaching students with the gospel and training them to become mature followers of Christ.

Our desire is to see students leave college equipped to labor in the harvest field for the glory of God. Because there is nothing and no one more valuable or important than God Himself, Campus Outreach exists that He may continually receive what He deserves and is due to Him… praise, honor, and glory from us as we find our joy in Him.

We, like many throughout history, desire to spread a passion for the glory of God throughout the world. It is our desire that His identity, reputation, and fame be proclaimed to all people, in all places, by all appropriate means, as urgently as possible.

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That profound statement has rung true for more than 2, years and can certainly be applied to our world in the 21st century. There is no shortage of needs, problems, and opportunities awaiting the approach of an equipped leader Eph. It is the desire of Campus Outreach to work hand in hand with colleges, universities, churches, families, and individuals to produce these Kingdom leaders and laborers for which there is such a desperate need.

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Published online May The survey consisted of questions and was administered using a paper and pencil close-ended question format. Through social and professional interaction we strive to promote diverse programs, facilitate intellectual engagement and create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable. This study examined whether religious involvement and social support played a role in reducing the frequency of alcohol use. Chris Brazell brazellc chbss. Skip to main content. A slippery slope to secularization?

On the Campus Campus Outreach believes that the university campus is one of the most strategic fields of ministry available in the world. Beyond the movement of the sovereign God through His Holy Spirit, there are at least 4 factors we see at play that make college students so strategic:. Student Population Density on the campus is higher than many other places in the world, making it easier to meet and build relationships with more people.

Student Availability on the campus is greater than virtually any other place in the world or at any other stage in life. Student Openness to ideas and hunger for knowledge is generally unequaled elsewhere in the world. It is the combination or cumulative effect of these dynamics coming together in tangible ways that lead us to the conclusion that the university campus is the most strategic place for Campus Outreach to impact the world for Christ.

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Campus Outreach desires to be a part of the expansive enterprise of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Glory of God that is being lived and preached and spread around the world to every people, tribe, tongue, and nation Mt. More specifically, we desire that trained graduates would provide leadership for the Kingdom of God in every sphere of influence imaginable in every country around the world.

go site It is the aim of Campus Outreach that these leaders would be mobilized from the campus to have a Gospel-centered impact on those around them as they live the rest of their lives in the church and as a part of business, medicine, the community, the family, politics, education, missions, and all areas of life. A vehicle that is connected to the Church Campus Outreach Denver is under the supervision and authority of Park Church , yet maintains an interdenominational profile on the campus.

Park Church is committed to reaching college students locally and also to joining hands with the broader evangelical community to reach students in this geographic region. This unique relationship with the church gives Campus Outreach Denver the freedom to minister to all students directly and to wholeheartedly support and work together with churches that are committed to the essentials of the faith. Interdenominational Profile Campus Outreach is called to be inter-denominational and yet deeply connected with the Bride of Christ.

We are committed to our local-sending hub churches under whose authority and supervision we do all our work. We believe that God is expanding His Kingdom throughout the world in many ways and that His Church, the Bride of Christ, is central to that expansion.

It is only through, in, to, of, by, from, along-side, under, and with these churches that the CO Vision can be accomplished. We believe this is an application of the Biblical truth of the Body of Christ and how God desires for the Body to operate.